No More Migraines!

Dr. Muncy has been such a blessing in our lives. He has helped my migraines go away almost completely, and for the past 9 months he has helped my 2 year old go from being a possible candidate for surgery for her hip dysplasia to no signs of dysplasia being seen on her recent xrays! The staff is also very welcoming. We love it here!

Jessilyn White

No Medicine!

I started going to Dr. Muncy Family Chiropractic office in 2008 after a life changing injury to my neck and back.
Dr. Muncy and staff have treated me with many techniques of Compression release, Muscle stimulation, Physical therapy, Diet/Health supplements and Spinal adjustments. Through his treatments and direction I’m able to live an active/healthy life style with minimal pain and without prescription pain medication

Marlin Goff

Standing Straight!

I have been going to Dr. Muncy for about 8 months. Before going to his practice I was leaning to the right. After he has adjusted my spine I am not leaning. He takes his time to explain what he is doing and why. I would recommend Dr. Muncy and his helpful staff.

Connie Owen

Back On My Feet!

Dr. Muncy and his staff have helped me for years. I broke (shattered) my ankle years ago and he literally helped to get me back on my feet. He also has done sports physicals for my sons. I don’t trust my kin to just any ole’ person. Doc Muncy runs a great family business!

Sean Carrigan

Female Health

I was diagnosed with PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome)at an early age. Since I was 20 I have never had a normal cycle without medical intervention. I could not lose weight and my sugar levels were out of control. I started going to Dr. Muncy to get adjusted and began having my cycle normally without medication. I dropped out of my care for about five months and my cycle completely stopped. Now that I am back under care my cycle is back to normal. Chiropractic is changing life for the better! I am also losing weight much easier.

Stasi Spiva

Healthy Baby

My son, Desmond, was born at only 27 weeks, which resulted in a myriad of complications, including severe reflux. After surgery and the insertion of a feeding tube that stilted his physical development. My husband and I sought help with Dr. Muncy. After two months my son was eating more from the bottle and we were able to remove his feeding tube. Our only regret is that we didn’t come to Dr. Muncy sooner. I now view my baby as the beautiful, perfect creation he is rather than as a fragile preemie.

Rebekah Harris and Desmond